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Selling Vaping Products Responsibly

Australia’s unworkable prescription model for nicotine vaping products has created a huge black market. This is being run by illegal operators who will sell products with no quality standards, to anyone – including children.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Almost all OECD countries have a common sense approach to regulating vaping products that restricts youth access and provides adult vapers with a well-regulated, adult consumer product.

Responsible Vaping Australia (RVA) is here to demonstrate that we can responsibly legalise nicotine vaping in Australia. Our supporters are committed to the responsible supply and retailing of vaping products to adult consumers.

To stop the black market trade in nicotine vaping products, the Australian Government should allow responsible retailers to sell both nicotine and non-nicotine vapes that meet product standards to adult consumers, upon age verification.

Code of Conduct Policy

RVA has developed a voluntary Code of Conduct to provide best practice responsible retailing policies that seek to go above and beyond minimum legal requirements. These policies, which are backed by RVA supporters, provide a roadmap for the Government to adopt sensible nicotine vaping regulations that restrict youth access and allow adult vapers to purchase regulated products from responsible retailers.

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Retailing Guidelines

Supporters of Responsible Vaping Australia also adhere to the Retailing Guidelines, which includes guidance on State and Federal regulations.

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