Is Vaping Legal in Australia? By-State Vape Laws Explained



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Is Vaping Legal in Australia? By-State Vape Laws Explained


Australian Vaping Laws

Australian vaping laws are strict, and they vary by state.  Vaping in Australia is not illegal, as long as you follow the below laws:

  • You must get a valid doctors prescription for nicotine in order to legally buy a nicotine vape in Australia.
  • With your prescription, you can get a nicotine vape two ways:
    • Go to a pharmacy to have your prescription filled
    • Import your nicotine product from overseas.  You will upload your prescription to the website when you order.


Vaping products that contain 0% nicotine can be legally sold in every state and territory of Australia, except for Western Australia.  Retail sale of any vape, even 0% nicotine vapes, is illegal under Western Australian law.

It is important to note that on 2 May, 2023, Federal Health Minister Mark Butler announced that the Australian Government plans to change the current laws around vaping in Australia with restrictions on flavours and colours, pharmaceutical-like packaging and limited nicotine concentrations.  The changes would also include a complete ban on single-use, disposable vapes.  No specific timeline for these changes have been announced.

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