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Changes Needed for Better Vaping Regulations


In Australia, the rise of a black market for vaping products is a growing concern. These products are often manufactured in unregulated factories, which can pose serious risks to consumers. The government needs to take action to better regulate the industry and prevent the sale of potentially dangerous and illicit products, especially those targeted at children.

Steps to Proper Regulation of Vaping Products

Proper regulation of vaping products is key to fixing the black market in Australia. This can be achieved by implementing the following steps:

  1. Establishing robust standards for product quality, labeling, and marketing which prioritizes the interests of users.
  2. Implementing strict controls on the manufacturing, importation, and distribution of vaping products to prevent the sale of potentially dangerous or mislabeled products.
  3. Conducting regular inspections and testing of vaping products to ensure that they meet established standards.
  4. Increasing public awareness about the dangers of buying products from the black market and the importance of using products which meet robust product standards.
  5. Providing adequate resources for monitoring and enforcing regulations around the use and sale of vaping products.

By taking these steps, the government can help to create a fit-for-purpose regulatory regime that better protects Australian adult vapers. This will ensure that users have access to high-quality products and reduce the risks which can result from using illicit products.


In conclusion, proper regulation of vaping products is essential to fixing the black market in Australia. By taking action to develop a fit-for purpose regulatory regime, the government can help to create a more supportive environment for adult Australians who choose to use vaping products. It is time for Australia to embrace this industry and take steps to support its proper regulation and growth.