Australian Government announces vaping laws



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Australian Government announces vaping laws ‘fall short’


The Australian Health Minister has announced a review into Australia’s failed vaping laws stating the public consultation process seeks “to understand where the current regulatory framework falls short and what action governments can take to move the dial”.

Over a million Australian adults now vape, but many of them are doing so without a prescription. Effectively, this means they are operating outside the law in an unregulated black market.

This black market is run by illegal operators who sell products with no quality standards to anyone they like, including children.

This has to stop.

Recognising Australia’s vaping laws have failed is the first step.

To end the black market trade of nicotine vaping products the Australian Government must ensure adult consumers are able to purchase products in a responsible and regulated way.

This means introducing clear laws for labelling, ingredient quality, youth access prevention and responsible retailing of vaping products.

The next step the government needs to take is to exempt nicotine vaping products from the Poisons Standard and to regulate nicotine vaping products as an adult consumer product.

This will allow law-abiding retailers to sell nicotine vaping products responsibly to adult consumers upon age verification and allow consumers to legally purchase nicotine vape products without having to resort to the black market.

Pledge your support and help us build the momentum we need to properly regulate nicotine vaping in Australia.