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About Responsible Vaping Australia

The objective of the Responsible Vaping Australia (RVA) movement is to represent consumers, responsible retailers and suppliers, and industry associations who advocate for the responsible regulation of nicotine vaping products.

Supporters of RVA are committed to vaping product standards, clear labelling of packaging, the quality of ingredients, youth access prevention and responsible retailing practices.

Our aim is to end the black market trade of nicotine vaping products and ensure Australian adult consumers are able to purchase products in a responsible and regulated way.

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The Role of RVA

RVA is an initiative of BAT Australia Ltd., working together with consumers and industry partners to deliver the responsible retailing of vaping products to adult consumers.

RVA aims to ensure there are product standards, responsible sales practices, and clear rules to stop youth access to vaping products.

Our Supporters

RVA supporters are retailers and industry associations impacted by Australian vaping laws. RVA supporters work in partnership to ensure vaping products are sold in a responsible manner in a retail environment.

All supporters currently adhere to, or are working towards compliance with guidelines on product standards, clear labelling, ingredient quality, youth access prevention and responsible retailing of vaping products.

An overview of RVA retail supporters is available here.

  • AACS
  • cigall-new
  • CTC
  • Cornetts
  • Drakes
  • Everfresh
  • Freechoce-new
  • King-new
  • MGA-new
  • Mervale
  • merlino
  • Ritch
  • romoe
  • smokemart
  • Spano